Filter Press Clothes & Sub Clothes

The purpose of the Filter Press Clothes and Sub Clothes, is to assist the process of filtering the water and sludge of the marble, limestone and granite industry, in the equipment for the water treatment of filter-press.

Iberdin® has the ability to sell tailor-made solutions for any type of filter clothes or sub clothes, achieving a better performance for this accessory, thus allowing to increase the product’s useful life and obtain a better performance from it.

Made of monofilament polypropylene fabric, this raw material is of high quality and resistant to cuts, configuring high resistance to the product and helping when releasing the compound from the plates of the filter-press equipment.

This product is available in different dimensions, as well as the ability to come with or without eyelets, depending on your need, try it!

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1000×1000, 470×470, 500×500, 630×630, 700×700, 800×800, 915×915