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Catalogs & flyers

“Stone Finishes 2024”

Advanced and innovative tools for bush hammered and sandblasted stone finishes.

Matec Product Catalog

Complete systems for the purification and filtration of wastewater.

Product Iberdin Catalog

Solutions and Iberdin tools for the Stone Industry


Our partner Aardwolf is a leading manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment for the stone, glass and metal industry.

Matec – stone, marble and granite cutting

More effective stone cutting and durability of machinery and equipment.

Aardwolf Catalog – Glass

Equipment for handling, lifting and storage for the glass industry.

Rollstone Bushammering and Sandblasting Systems

Frankfurt wedges, plates and rolls for marble, granite, limestones and quartz.

Alfa Pompe – centrifugal pumps

Pumping systems and pumps for industrial sectors.

Electric Vaccum Suction Cups – GRABO

Manual vacuum suction cups – GRABO – to be used in various industries: Construction, Factories, Moving, Landscaping, etc.