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Rollplate Sandblasting system

Rollplate® Sand sanding system is a sanding tool, which allows sanding natural stone surfaces.

Scratching Roller RollScratcher

Scratched or non-slip effect on natural stone surfaces.

Bush Hammering System Rollstone Maxi 80-4

Bush-hammer tool with frankfurt fitting, easy to assemble and replace various components and rollers, allows high performance and great wear resistance.

Aardwolf Slab Lifter AL50

Equipment for lifting and moving loads in the form of a slab/plate. The operational process becomes simple, requiring only one operator.

Sandblasting Roll Sand #800

Ideal for sanding granite, marble, limestone and soft stones, it provides greater resistance to wear, as well as high precision and low tolerance in the area where its bearings work.

Filter Press Matec

Matec treatment systems allow the treatment, recovery and reuse of wastewater and the disposal of the resulting sludge.

Bush Hammering System Rollplate Manual Star

Manual bush-hammering tool, which allows bush-hammering stone surfaces (marble, limestone, granite and quartz).

Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter AVLP2

Allows you to lift marble or granite pieces on smooth or rough surfaces, and to tilt stones and materials. It works on compressed air.

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