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About Iberdin

Innovative solutions and tools for all industries and professionals.

Work with tools you trust.

Iberdin® provides technical assistance to its partners, in order to guarantee the efficiency and durability of its machines and equipment.


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We design innovative and productive solutions for your business.

With a team with a vast experience in the marble and granite industry, we are able to quickly present the best solutions and develop products tailored to our customers.


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Iberdin stands out for its high standards of quality and reliability.

 Quality and safety first .


We carry out frequent testing of our products so that we can test their capabilities and make improvements. We have technical assistance on our products and machines and we bet on the training of their use.

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  • Bush Hammering – Nicking System Rollplate Nicking 3-15

  • Aardwolf Stone Panel Carriers with Cable SCC05

  • Aardwolf Vacuum Lifter AVLP4

  • Sandblasting System Rollplate Manual Sand #800

  • Aardwolf Hand Vacuum-Cup Lifter HVC

  • Aardwolf – Folding ‘A’ Frames – FAF1600