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Main needs to invest in a water treatment system

The need to implement water treatment systems in the natural stone industry.

What are the main needs to invest in a water treatment system?
  • Compliance with environmental laws has become important for industrial facilities globally;
  • Matec technology meets the latest environmental regulations, maximizing factory return savings;
  • In the marble and granite sector, where water has multiple uses, its reuse in the closed production cycle or its treatment so that it can be safely disposed of in the environment has been increasingly a necessity.
  • Iberdin’s experience in the sector and in the market allows for a more complete and/or personalized service with solutions adapted to all companies.
A solution adapted to any company in the stone, marble and granite extraction and transformation sector.

IBERDIN joined MATEC, one of the largest manufacturers in the development and manufacture of complete systems for the purification and filtration of wastewater for industrial purposes, and now offers complete solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

In the specific sector of marble, granite and natural stone, both in quarries and factories, water has many applications. From stone cutting to polishing, water plays a key role in preventing tools from overheating and reducing dust from various processes. 

Through MATEC systems, the water after being treated can be reused in the closed production circuit or disposed of in the environment in a safe way and following environmental laws. 

In a context in which both environmental and profitability issues are among the main concerns of those responsible for factories and quarries, these systems guarantee an economic return by providing high quality results and production capacity.

In addition to water treatment systems, it also presents solutions for the development and production of centrifugal pumps, through Alfa Pompe.

What are the advantages of this partnership?

Through this partnership, customers will be able to count on a complete solution, adapted to their needs, through a single representative/supplier, saving time, costs and meeting their needs more quickly and effectively.

MATEC offers complete solutions adapted to the universe of each company, guaranteeing a response capacity for large companies with more complex systems, as well as the possibility of more personalized solutions tailored to smaller companies or financial conditions.

Always investing in the best technology, MATEC guarantees the quality and efficiency of its systems and products, and IBERDIN ensures in its services, a capacity to respond so that customers obtain their solutions in a more efficient and profitable way.

What solutions will you bring to our customers?

At IBERDIN, we know the market needs of the natural stone extracting and transforming industry in this area: reducing water consumption through its correct reuse can mean a substantial reduction in costs and the quality of your machines and tools.

In production terms, using treated water can mean a more efficient stone cut, a better result in its final polishing and consequently a better durability of all machines and equipment. 

Acurrently in the water treatment area we have the following range of products: Flocculant, Automatic Flocculant Dispensers, Screens and Sub-screens, Press Filters, Silos and Centrifugal Pumps. 

You can also count on specialized technical advice.

Investing in the development of tools and in the expansion of products aimed at the Portuguese natural stone market.

With 15 years of experience in the market, IBERDIN has been consolidating its presence with its customers and partners. The wide range of products offered and quality has allowed us to establish solid and reliable professional relationships over time.

In addition to the development of IBERDIN tools and solutions, there has been a constant focus on finding partners that allow us to expand our offer of products and solutions in areas where we currently operate, namely this area of water treatments for industrial purpose.

If you are interested in working with us as our partner or representative, please contact us for more information.


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Marketing & Operations Manager
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