Bush-Hammering Roll Madrid 20-5

Bushammering roll, with 20 tips of 5 mm diameter. Ideal for working with granites, marbles, limestone and soft stones.

The Madrid Roll, is a roll made of medium carbon construction steel allowing greater wear resistance, as well as great precision and low tolerance in the area where your bearings work.

These bearings are double track, and shielded which allows excellent performance at high speeds. Due to low heat generation, the bearing temperature is lower, which results in an extension of the bearing life and maintenance intervals.

These rollers also have lip retainers, which allows a greater seal to the entry of dust and water into the rollers, thus improving tool life.

The tips used in the rollers manufactured by Iberdin®, are high quality tungsten carbide tips, which allows them to have a high performance and therefore great resistance to wear.

All the components inside our rollers (bearings, retaining brakes, retainers and bushings) are replaceable, thus allowing preventive maintenance or maintenance to be carried out in case of breakdown / wear (end of life of the component).

These components can be ordered separately, in kits.
Iberdin has the service and repair available to replace any component it needs. Send us an email (info@iberdin.com) to schedule your maintenance.

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Additional information

Nº of Tips per Roll

20 Units

Tip Diameter Ø

Ø 5 mm

Number of Seals

2 Units

Number of Bushings

2 Units

Number of Bearings

1 Unit

Indicated for

Granite, Limestone, Marble

Finishing Type

Thick Bushammering

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