Column Crane 1000 Kg

This equipment was designed for the handling of loads in production processes in which the autonomy of the manufacturing stations is necessary. We present electrical and manual systems with the possibility of variation in the lifting, steering and rotation movements, in order to allow smooth and precise movements for more judicious tasks.
Although the work is centralized in a certain place, column cranes are used in applications where greater reach is needed, allowing greater autonomy of the workstations. Depending on their capacity and use, these can be electric or manual. And yet, depending on the sector where they are incorporated, their movements may be more or less smooth.
This model has a 5 meter long arm and a lifting height of 4 meters. Its rotation is manual, and the lifting speed is 4 meters per minute. His car that works along the crane arm is electric, and has a speed of 1 meter for 4 minutes.

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Maximum Load Capacity

1000 Kg