Aardwolf Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp AHLC1370

For lifting and moving of concrete blocks and natural stone. Long-lasting, high friction replaceable Polyurethane gripping pads protect load surfaces against damage. Suitable for use on cranes or forklift booms. Clamp jaws are gravity controlled. They open automatically on every second lift and close on every second lift.

  • Adjustable jaw opening width
  • A large gripping range, making it suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Long-lasting, high friction replaceable Polyurethane gripping pads
  • Lifting eye for attaching to a crane hook
  • Auto locks and unlocks the load
  • Specialized upgrade available: We provide an optional enhancement for those requiring additional functionality: a rotating pad and limit stop feature.

The Integration of the Rotating Pad and Limit Stop Offers:

There is a significant boost in operational efficiency with the Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp, which is equipped with rotating pads and a limit stop. This specialized tool is essential for tasks requiring material rotation, accommodating horizontal and vertical directions.
The limit stop feature is instrumental in maintaining the distance between the clamp and the material for safety rotary.
The utility of the Rotating pads goes beyond basic functionality, offering quick interchangeability, which is vital for the safe and efficient rotation of hefty materials like concrete blocks.

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Additional information

Weight 123 kg
Dimensions 1410 × 532 × 330 cm
Maximum Load Capacity

1500 Kg

Opening Capacity

280 to 1370