Alfa Pompe- Horizontal Pumps

Studied and designed for feeding filter presses; they can be supplied with single or double speed motors, with pump-motor coupling through belts and pulleys or with direct coupling through coaxial joint.

Depending on the version, you can have a range of flow rates ranging from 100 lt/min to 10,000 lt/min with indoor pressures up to 8 bar.

The bodies and impellers can be made of superalloys or spheroidal cast iron coated with special anti-abrasive rubber compounds.

The suction mouth is positioned in such a way that the mud does not come into direct contact with the mechanical seals, the latter made of tungsten carbide, drained with water and protected by a pressurized barrier chamber.

The functionality of the bearings is guaranteed by lubrication in an oil bath.


PNEUMATIC VALVES: Pneumatic control, normally closed (opening happens with the input of compressed air). With single or double cylinder. Sleeve made in natural anti acid and anti-abrasive rubber, and aluminum body. Internal diameter from 25 to 200 mm.

MANUAL VALVES: Completely manufatcured by Alfa, these valves have great reliability even in the most extreme working conditions and even after long periods of inactivity. Natural anti-acid and anti abrasive rubber sleeve. Internal diameter from 25 to 250 mm.

ANTI-ABRASIVE PIPE AND FLANGES: With metal spiral core and related flanges.

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